Project update: Family Reunion

Still working on this site and have made some progress on the look and feel. I am still in debate on the font but it is coming along pretty well I believe. We have finalized the platform and the front facing part will be in Statamic with a small members area for the committee members to review scholarship applications, vote … Read More

Information Architecture

So I started a new project recently which seems to be part of a growing expansion to my services; information architecture. Working with the UI/Visual design is not new to me but in what ways has evolved over time. I have helped client’s with more UI work for dashboards and SaSS projects in the last year which is great because I can … Read More


So I finally went back to ActiveCollab. With the new CRM module, invoicing and a few other tweaks it shaved off $100 a month in online fees to various outlets. I got tired of duplicating information in four different places so hopefully this will keep things more centralized. I am still looking to find an AC developer who can do … Read More