My Process – Project Management

I am very excited that I am currently going through a change in this part of my process. Over the years I have tried out all of the project management tools out there and quite a few of the CRMs. I always end up having to duplicate entries but at times it is has been quite ridiculous the amount of … Read More

My Process – Planning Stage

Many parts of the designer/developer process toolkit come to them via trial and error. Sometimes this can be a painful experience which is what lead me to this particular part of my project process. To this day while I still wince about this particular project, the result was a learning experience that has helped myself and my clients. So I … Read More

Hammerformac Wins

Recently I changed my work flow and in that process I started exploring other options for rapid development. I was using’s app and tried out Codekit which I really like for the bower component updating but when it came to cranking out this very quick prototype for a client I knew I had made the right decision on using Hammer. I was able … Read More