Recent Work

Untitled Picture Book

Worked with a lovely lady to complete a spread for an upcoming book. This spread will help her secure funding for the picture book to be released sometime next year.

Current client work.

Aptus Rebranding.

Currently working with a client that I have worked with for almost ten years now to rebrand their company after a shift towards a different clientele.

We reworked their logo with a custom shield illustration as well as abstract illustrations that gave visuals to their copy explaining their services. Icons were created to explain specific funds they offer as well.

Elijah Was Brave

Picture Book Untitled




Branch Trimming

The Gift

Dear Santa

Christmas Ferrets

Winter Solstice

Holiday Splash

Ask Believe Receive

Sloth Selfies

Lunch Box

Shake Rattle Roll

Willy Wonka

Mary Poppins Colour Collective

Mary Poppins

Spa Icons

66 Women

Halloween Social Banner

Halloween Banner

Social Header

Yoda - New Brush Experiment


Moxy Book Spread Ballerina

Moxy Ballerina

Picture Book Dummy

Moxy Dummy

Illustrations for website

Pirates Wizards and Yetis


Light and Shadow Class

Character Study Two

Character Study One






Colorido Tarot

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