So I decided I wanted to shift my focus to more illustrations vs development in the upcoming years and to do that I needed to get back to drawing on a regular basis. I have all of the tools I need and have started exploring different course options to get into digital drawing. I am currently subscribed to Teamtreehouse, lynda, skillshare, svs and have a demo membership to digitaltutors. The frakenstein drawing was for a course I was hoping to have complete for Halloween but might run out of time!

My thoughts so far during this evaluation:

So far I must say although I love teamtreehouse for technical projects they are a bit lacking in the design/art department. Especially in the direction I am headed so I will probably put this on hold after I get done with some dev courses. surprisingly their mobile/ipad apps are far superior to their web presence which is a bit off putting. The courses themselves are very thorough but I find them to be too lengthy and the details of what I am wanting to do get lost in back story (ie how to use your wacom even though the tut is photoshop illustration).

Skillshare so far seems to be the happy medium I need. Most classes assume I am coming to the table with some skillset and are offering tips and very specific applications. Because their classes range from illustration to technical I believe I will be keeping this subscription for awhile.

SVS I just found via an illustrator’s blog and seems very indepth but very specific to my short comings as an illustrator and I am excited about exploring it more. Eventually I may want to move into illustrating books and this seems to be the right set of courses.

Digital tutors I originally looked into to learn 3D but find it just a bit too much for me so I have not explored it further. Once I am not signed up for the others I may trial a month or two for their 2D offerings. They also partner with another site for more technical courses so they might hit a good balance.


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