Personal Projects

I work on quite a few things that are just to improve my skills and for fun!

100 Day Project

I am trying to keep up with the #100dayproject. My focus is on some of my key weaker points or things I don’t draw often. Lighting, environments and detailed scenes.

of the Bible

Starting a new series of different characters from the Bible.

I am concentrating on people I felt connected to throughout my life as well as particular scenes/stories that I find impactful.

Christmas #illo

Every year I try to contribute as much as I can to the christmas daily #illo it is a ton of fun and 2018 I followed three prompts and tried to incorporate all three in each drawing.

Animal Alphabets

I have participated twice now with this social drawing challenge and love it! Waiting to start the next one and draw it earnestly it has really improved my skills over the past few years.

30 Days of Sketching

To just get over all better I decided to do a daily sketch for 30 days which ended up lasting way longer but really helped me improve. They are just rough and expressive.