You have your story, it’s been edited a few times and now you need it to come alive!

If you are self-publishing a children’s book and looking for a top-notch illustrator, then you’ve come to the right place! Let me help you bring your vision to life with beautiful high-quality artistic illustrations.

Illustrations to
Printer Ready Files

As an experienced graphic designer, I also include professional layout and book design into my services, so you will not need to hire a separate designer for that, saving you money in the long-term. In the end, you will be given high-resolution printer-ready files. As a web designer for the last twelve years I can help you with your website as well.

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Exploration Phase

I like to start with an exploration call to get a good idea of what you are needing. My pricing is based on how many characters need to be designed, how many illustrations/pages and the detail of the images.

Once we decide to move forward there is a contract and deposit phase. Then we move to the onboarding. To keep the project organized, to effectively communicate and to hopefully hit all of our milestones on time I will be utilizing three specific tools and inviting you to each.

Illustration Phase

Characters, Rough Sketches &
Storyboards Oh My

I start working on roughs, this can be from a character viewpoint or dummy for a larger book. Main character roughs and color pallette etc.

Painting the finals

After the roughs are approved I move onto a 2nd phase drawing that is cleaner but not painted for review and then the final illustration phase is the painting.

Design & Deliverables

If I am doing the book layout, design and book cover I start working on finalizing the files to complete the book. While the spreads up to this point have text these is where we add in the end pages, copyright, and seam it all together for the printer.

Print friendly files are delivered or if I am not doing the design the hi res version of the illustrations.

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