Project update: Family Reunion

Still working on this site and have made some progress on the look and feel. I am still in debate on the font but it is coming along pretty well I believe. We have finalized the platform and the front facing part will be in Statamic with a small members area for the committee members to review scholarship applications, vote … Read More

Alexxa’s Army v2

The last version of this site was done in less than 8 hours so this time around I put a few more hours and thought into it. Not much though with Statamic it is pretty simple to get a one pager up. =D  This time around she can edit the site easily, update her blog, gallery photos, slider, events and the new shop … Read More


So I stumbled upon a neat site called and figured for 2 bucks (current subscription rate while in beta) it was worth taking a look at. They serve up videos within what they call “The Wheel of Wealth” which range from topics as networking, mindset, leadership etc. Each video segment is 15mins which allows for easy digestion. The mentors in the … Read More