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I like to start with an exploration call to get a good idea of what you are needing after my estimate is approved and aligns with your budget. My pricing is based on how many total and sequential characters need to be designed, how many illustrations/pages and the detail of the images. My visual designer print background allows me to offer graphic design, cover design, layout services as well. I can deliver design files for your formatter for an additional cost.

Once we decide to move forward there is a contract and deposit phase. I generally do a 50% / 25% (milestone) / Final payment schedule but this can vary depending on how big the project is. I also offer a 10% discount for a 90% initial payment as well.

I use ActivCollab to coordinate with you and your designer if you have one through out the process of creating your book to house communication, images for approval, milestones etc.

Characters, Rough Sketches & Storyboards Oh My

I start working on roughs for the main characters, picture dummy to give a composition for each illustration and color palette etc.

After the roughs are approved I move onto a 2nd phase drawing that is cleaner but not painted for review and then the final illustration phase is the painting.


I provided layered psd files of each spread, cover, illustration for your formatter to adjust as need be for your printer.

Ready to make some magic?

[Grabs the faery dust and meets you at the form!]

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