Book Projects

Books I have worked on or am currently right now.

Status: Painting phase

Ben’s Adventure (Circus)

I am currently working with Elizabeth Gerlach on her already established character series Ben’s Adventures. Working in a style to match the original book we are expanding on the series with his circus adventure.

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Status: Rough/Book Dummy

Yoga Fro

I am currently working with Yesenia Hernandez on a wonderful book about Yoga and how it helps a young boy release his stress. It is such a cute story and I can’t wait until we see it in print!


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Status: Character Creation

Dancing Monkeys in My Soup

I am currently working with Stephanie Fazekas-Hardy on a beautiful book Dancing Monkeys in My Soup! Jabbar, an urban dweller, on vacation in Peru, discovers pygmy marmosets, the world’s smallest monkeys doing Afro-Peruvian dances in his dinner soup! What will he do?

Can not wait to see this in my hands in print!


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Status: Rough Character Creation

Facetime with Grandma

Just started working with Shelby Hoefling on her fantastic book about a boy enjoying his face time with his grandma.

Status: Rough Character Creation

Charise and Amir

A good friend of mine of over 20 years and I are collaborating on a new book. It is so perfect to me and I just love it. We plan on releasing it on kickstarter at the end of May. Just started it however so not much to show yet.

Status: Painting Phase


Working with a lovely lady named Andrea Hall on a book under NDA. Will release more once published.


Status: On Hold


Working with one of the best clients ever, Jana Teresa who commissioned me to do a spread in hopes to fund a future book. I believe after it is edited she will be doing a kickstarter.

Status: Published

Elijah Was Brave

I worked with a very nice lady, Anim Aweh who is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist on her book Elijah Was Brave to help children cope with anger issues.

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Status: On Hold


To give myself practice in actually designing, laying out and illustrating a book I gave myself a personal project. I am not that great of a writer so it was never completed. The story is about an imaginary friend not having a friend.

I have a collaborating friend now so maybe we will pick this back up again =)