Book Projects

Books I have worked on or am currently right now.

Christmas in July?

If you are thinking of releasing a picture book for the holidays this is the time to get started. Every year I have authors contact me about doing a book for the holiday season often too late to feasibly get it done so this year I am posting reminders. =)

Zorah and the Very Big Question

Author:Deborah C. Moritmer


No Salt On My Grits! Sugar Please

Author & Illustrator

Picky Persnicktey Me

Author:Sanya Gragg

Illustrations and layout

In Cahoots With My Boots

Author:Sanya Gragg

Illustrations and layout

There's Nothing Small About Me

Author: Siobhán Tessema

Illustrations and layout

God's Closet

(In Progress)

Author: Cynthia Tyous


Dear Baby

Author: Krysta Champagne

Illustrations and layout

The Magical Musical Instruments

Author: Farese Pugsley

Illustrations and layout

Kinzie's Kinventions

Author: Donna Boock

Illustrations and layout

Hello Series- Hello Rabbit, Hello Bear and Hello Fox

Author: Kristina Ferency

Illustrations and layout for Hello Rabbit, Hello Bear and Hello Fox illustrations only

Grandma's In The Phone

Author: Shelby Hoefling

Illustrations and layout

My Teacher's in the Computer

Author: Shelby Hoefling

Illustrations and layout

Mandy Tangled in a Web

Author: Stacey Gardin

Illustrations and layout

Elderberry Wine

Author: Angela Drew

Illustrations and layout

Ben's Adventures

Author: Elizabeth Gerlach

Illustrations and layout

Mabel on Your Table

Authors: Kate O'Connell & Tara Leslie

Illustrations and layout

Yoga Afro

Author: Yesenia Hernandez

Illustrations and layout

Bite sized Images

Character for Annie Mason

Picture Book by Zanita King-Hughes – in progress

Picture Book by Tiffany Ward

Picturebook by Stephanie Fazekas-Hardy

Hamidi Bear & Hanya Bluebird by Karen Sykes

Chapter Book by Renita Farrow

STEM Picture Book by Patrice McLaurin – in progress

Picture Book by Donna Dixon

Don’t You Know by Sean-Nika Steele

How Owls Become Wise by Kelly Patridge

The Good, the Bad, and the Backstory

Author: Melissa Minery
Boys Town Press

Illustrations and layout

Charise & Amir

A good friend of mine of over 20 years and I are collaborating on a new book. It is so perfect to me and I just love it. We plan on releasing it on kickstarter at the end of May. Here are some character renders.