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My personal books I am writing and illustrating

If you are interested in potentially representing any of the picture books please do reach out about manuscript submission.

No Salt On My Grits.
Sugar Please.

Shelly is very excited about the surprise her babysitter has for her. She imagines all sorts of  surprises might be awaiting her after school. Will she be just as excited once she sees it?

I am music

Kwame doesn’t like music class or the instrument his teacher selected for him this week. He wanted to play the drums! Until he spends a magical Saturday with his grandpa.

Don't Touch My Hair

She is angry and points out her responses aren’t polite lets others know why they cant touch her hair.  She mentions her grandma, mother and ancestors and that her hair is a connection to the cosmos

Time, Space & a Sloth

In frustration Marcus writes out an unaddressed letter:

“This sloth wont go away! He is NOT an imaginary friend. He’s invisible!! He showed up one day and he steals my clothes, my pillow and follows me everywhere. Nobody can see him but me and he’s sooooooooooo ANNOYING!”

Ready to make some magic?

[Grabs the faery dust and meets you at the form!]

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