Christmas Cards

I decided to sell Christmas Cards this year via RedBubble. Wish me luck <grinchy eyebrow move>. This is the first of a series of odd and quirky cards. hehe Updating this post so as to not create a million of them =D I have “launched” and have six images up there currently am working on a few now. I will … Read More

Animal Alphabet D is for Demogorgon

Sunday rough sketch. Hopefully can get this and some other things on my plate done tonight before the new week starts! Will update as I progress and with the final.   They “ugly” almost finished phase  

Procreate Clipstudio Paint Procreate …

So clipstudio paint was just released on iPad Pro. Wonderful app, love it! But… I am so used to procreate that I found myself much slower for the same results. This last one I started in CSP and ended up just moving to Procreate and it was so much quicker. I may go back to looking at the app some … Read More

Thanksgiving Social Header Illustration Artwork

I am working on a new social header. I missed a week and definitely want to get one up for Thanksgiving. =) I decided our rock monster friend would visit his playmates family for Thanksgiving unannounced. Will update the featured once it’s complete =)      

Halloween Freebie Icons

Halloween Freebie Icons

Created some Holiday Icons. I haven’t done that in a few years so decided this year it was time. I will probably do some for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year as well.   Download

Animal Alphabets

Created a series of illustrations for Animal Alphabet. I started when they were at M and tried to do some of the previous ones as well.      

Always Learning

So I decided I wanted to shift my focus to more illustrations vs development in the upcoming years and to do that I needed to get back to drawing on a regular basis. I have all of the tools I need and have started exploring different course options to get into digital drawing. I am currently subscribed to Teamtreehouse, lynda, … Read More