Always Learning

So I decided I wanted to shift my focus to more illustrations vs development in the upcoming years and to do that I needed to get back to drawing on a regular basis. I have all of the tools I need and have started exploring different course options to get into digital drawing. I am currently subscribed to Teamtreehouse, lynda, … Read More

Give Thanks

When I was a kid we would all travel to my Grandparent’s and have a holiday weekend for Thanksgiving. Grandma would cook and bake for days before we got there and then the infamous turkey in the middle of the night. Everyone dressed up and we had a big feast, talked, fought and enjoyed family. My favorite were mashed potatoes, … Read More

Project update: Family Reunion

Still working on this site and have made some progress on the look and feel. I am still in debate on the font but it is coming along pretty well I believe. We have finalized the platform and the front facing part will be in Statamic with a small members area for the committee members to review scholarship applications, vote … Read More

Different use for Statamic

I created this area over the weekend as a side project of mine. I read a lot of what some would label new thought books and in most of them they emphasize knowing your wants, goals and not only recording this but visualizing and coupling it with daily affirmations and gratitude. I have to say that at my happiest times … Read More

Valentine TeamTreehouse Contest

So I notice on twitter a link to thisĀ contestĀ asking participants to declare their love for the internet and I am immediately excited. I had planned on doing a step by step documentation of my process but time was short on this and about half way through decided to forgo that idea hehe. I may upload later what I did document … Read More