Manually Adding in Posts

So after having my site in three platforms since 2011 and not blogging for two years has left my journal area a bit beaten up! I am manually moving over what I can from a local version of a very old site and I don’t have the xml =(. It is probably over a 100 entries so I will not … Read More

New Kirby Site

Yay new kirby site is up! Love this CMS. Was much harder to decide on a new layout than actually implement it. Currently I am using the following plugins; disqus (still migrating), exporter for wordpress, twitter, dribbble and contactform. I built into the panel/blueprint system the ability to change out the background, menu, button and footer colors on the fly. Something that … Read More

Themegoodness Launched

Have been working on this site for awhile during my “off hours” and it is finally finished (minus a few tweaks to the blog). I will be housing all of my themes here now.