Which Hippo
Would You Like?

I came up with this idea to help prospective clients visualize my different styles and product solutions and better communicate which might be a good fit for their project.

Simple Shapes

First up are the very simple basic shapes that make this artwork perfect for several products but most definitely board books. The imagery is easy for younger viewers to grasp and still make moms want to pinch cheeks.

Colorful and Quirky

Here are examples of characters that are for a bit older viewer, playful, quirky and colorful. They definitely have a bit more personality but are versatile enough they could work well on a variety or products like notebooks, greeting cards, phone cases, picture books and pjs.

Character Driven

Detailed character exploration

Here are examples of characters that display a bit more humor perhaps, have distinct personalities and are rendered in a more detailed expressive style that fits picture books especially.

Know which hippo you want?

[Grabs the faery dust and meets you at the form!]

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